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First post in ENGLISH. Back to Europe.

Dear Friends,

This is going to be my first blog post in English.
I decided to change the language because of the challenge and after more than 3 years of traveling, studying, and working abroad, I probably know more people now from other countries than from Hungary.

I wish my English would be good enough to write nice texts and express all I would like to, but I am afraid I will not be able to formulate my thoughts as well as in my mother language. Hungarian is the richest and most complex language I have ever seen, and even if I use several languages during my year (French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian and hopefully Polish soon) Hungarian stays the most unique and inimitable language I know.
I wrote a lot during my travels, for myself, my feelings, my thoughts, my sad and happy moments, in Hungarian, on papers, in books, with a pen, and only a tiny little part of it was published on this blog, to let my beloved family and friends know I am alive, I am on my way.
It’s going to be a challenge and a good practice to do it in English now, for me, and for all Hungarian people who would like to read it, and have to make some effort to understand. I think it will be easier than to understand a Hungarian text for someone who is not Hungarian… J
Anyway, I will try to continue in English and comments, advices, critics, translations and corrections are always very welcome!

So I am back to Europe again, after my adventure in Brasil.

It is hard to be back, but not as hard as the first time was. When I came back last year, after a year of traveling and hitchhiking 6 months through South America, I was completely lost during several months. It seems to be the challenge to travel at a young age, with no money, do voluntary, work, learn the language, live in a tent, hitchhike and sell handmade stuff in the street to survive. Well, I guess it was a bigger challenge to get back after this adventure and get used to the system again.
I changed, and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I couldn’t find my place, I couldn’t accept bureaucracy, mentality, society’s pressure, this materialistic way of thinking and I was missing everything and everyone from my travels. I just wanted to take my backpack and go back. I guess, I am not the only one who feels this way after getting back from a completely different cultural area.
“Post-travel depression”- told me a great traveler friend, Manu. He was right, with time I became less confused, and thanks to fantastic friends I made, I started to appreciate the new place where I was living: Aix-en-Provence, France. I was trying to forget about the “traveling syndrome”, and find myself in my studies, in my works, and enjoy the present instead of living in the past. It was not easy, but I love my studies enough, so I stayed on my ass for a year, working hard to survive the expensive country, and studying hard to appreciate the opportunity of studying four languages in the same time (Russian, English, Spanish and actually French as I was in France).
It was a hard but instructive and successful year of my life, full of precious, reliable and true friends I made. Goodbye was horrible again, but I am sure we will see each other soon.
I was happy to put the back-pack on finally, I went to Azerbaijan to join a voluntary program, then back home to Hungary to say hello, I spent some days in Germany and then 2 months working in Brasil, I’ve learnt more or less Portuguese, and now I am back to Europe again… As I said it’s hard to be back, but not as hard as the first time was.
I am in Poland, in Krakow, for the second year of my university studies.

I feel more prepared to continue a different lifestyle for a year, before putting my backpack on again. I think I accepted the idea (or I am trying to accept) that every time we would like to arrive somewhere, we have to leave something and say goodbye. I did it so many times, but it is not getting easier.

Despite of the temptation of keeping on thinking of traveling, of Brasil, of writing letters and emails to my Brazilian friends, skype with them, speaking Portuguese, eating tropical fruits, feeling the hot sunshine, seeing the palm trees, street sellers, fresh juices, salada de frutas and so on…. I am here, in Krakow. I want to be here and I love to be here.

And I know that in a year, when I will have to say goodbye here, I will probably feel the same miss of Poland. So I decided to BE HERE now, and concentrate on the present as much as I can. And there is a lot to love in Krakow.

To be continued….

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